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The Difference: OKRs vs KPIs - Product School

Ellen Merryweather

Product School

OKRs and KPIs can be confusing. We know they're connected with goals and progress, but how? What's the difference between them?

6 mins

PMs & Metrics: North Star Metrics

Clement Kao

Co-Founder of Product Manager HQ

Successful product managers rely on north star metrics to guide their decisions. Learn how to select the best north star metric for your product.

6 mins

15 Key Product Management Metrics and KPIs



Let's make a bold assumption: Every software product you regularly use is data-driven. Example? Uber, Spotify, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, the AltexSoft website

11 mins


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Product Management: Metrics for Product Managers - Using Metrics



3 mins

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Metrics Versus Experience
Some decades ago, if you wanted to build a great experience, you’d take a deep breath, close your eyes, and mutter a prayer to that oracle…
Julie Zhuo
Author of Making of a manager
10 mins
16 Startup Metrics
We have the privilege of meeting with thousands of entrepreneurs every year, and in the course of those discussions are presented with all kinds of numbers,
Jeff Jordan
Managing Partner
7 mins
Product Management: Metrics for Product Managers - Using Metrics
Metrics are a vital tool for achieving your product strategy. Using the proper metrics will let you build the right goals into your product strategy and let ...
3 mins
Tracking and Analyzing Product Management Metrics
Which product management metrics matter the most? Get a rundown of all the most meaningful product metrics and how to use the data for development.
7 mins
Sequoia - Defining Product Success: Metrics and Goals
What is the one metric that matters most to the success of your company and that you can rally your team around? For Facebook, it is...
Data science team
Sequoia Capital
7 mins
A guide to SaaS metrics for product managers - Roadmunk Blog
We break down the why, how and when of SaaS metrics most relevant to product managers.
Tarif Rahman
Digital content specialist
15 mins
4 Things to Remember When Defining KPIs
Life360 Head of Analytics Trenton Huey shares his tips on establishing and managing KPIs in the big data generation.
Trenton Huey
Head of Analytics @Life360
2 mins
18 KPIs To Measure Performance (& How To Choose & Track Them)
Not sure your organization is using the right KPIs? Here’s some guidance on how to choose and track them, as well as 18 common KPI examples.
Ted Jackson
Founder @Clear Point
4 mins
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