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Your Guide to Associate Product Manager Roles: Part I

Ellen Merryweather

Product School

Everything you need to know about Associate Product Manager (APM) programs, straight from a Google product manager

8 mins

So You're a New Product Manager, Now What?

Clement Kao

Co-Founder of Product Manager HQ

Congratulations on your new product manager role! Let us help you by identifying who you should talk to, and by giving you a 90-day guide to success.

6 mins

How To Get Into Product Management (And Thrive) ✨

Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny's Newsletter

Figure out if this role is for you, how to make the move, and what skills you’ll need to build in order to be successful

9 mins


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Onboarding as a new PM: A high-level 6 week plan
Joining a fast growing, rapidly moving company as a new PM can be daunting for many — it surely was for me, when I joined Gojek as a Product Manager sometime back.
Gokulnath Sridhar
Product enthusiasts
5 mins
Tips for Entry-Level Product Managers
This week Product School hosted Merina Khanom, a Product Manager at BBC for a special AMA session, talking about entry-level PM tips.
Zaina Alhmoud
Product School
4 mins
How to Get a Product Management Job at a Startup
Looking to work for a startup? Sort out fact from fiction and land that Product Management role of your dreams.
Ellen Merryweather
Product School
7 mins
Ask Women in Product: First PM and First-time PM here. What should I do in the first 30/60/90 days?
Tanmayi Sai offers a plan for your first 90 days when you’re new to product management and serving as the first PM at a startup.
Tanmayi Sai
Sr. Product manager @Zynga
7 mins
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