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The Art of Decision Making as a Product Manager

Sachin Rekhi

CEO of NoteJoy

Product managers have to make many decisions every day, including product prioritization decisions, product design decisions, bug triage decisions, and many more. And the process by which a product

2 mins

Storytelling That Moves People

Bronwyn Fryer

Harvard Business Review

Forget about PowerPoint and statistics. To involve people at the deepest level, you need stories. Hollywood’s top writing consultant reveals the secrets of telling them.

6 mins

How Product Management Can Work Effectively with Sales

Sara Aboulafia

User voice

In order to create an organization that is dynamic and responsive to the market, the relationship between product management and the sales team should be a productive one.

6 mins


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Be a Great Product Leader | Psychohistory
People who know me professionally know that I’m passionate about Product Management.  I truly believe that, done properly, a strong product leader acts as a force multiplier that can help a c…
Adam Nash
CEO & Product Leader
4 mins
Product managers and sales: The alliance that leads to a better product
Collaboration with sales helps product managers get more out of user feedback and data, work towards aligned goals, and ultimately build better products.
Julia chen
4 mins
How to Build a Strong Product Management and Marketing Relationship
There is often friction between product management and marketing, which can undermine the product. Here’s how to bring these teams together.
Product Plan
Product Plan
5 mins
Use It Or Lose It: 4 Ways to Practice Your Negotiation Skills
Did you know that your negotiation skills can decline over time? Read our article to learn how you can keep your skills sharp.
Brandon Voss
President @Blackswan group
3 mins
Want to Be Extremely Persuasive? 9 Science-Backed Ways to Become a Better Leader
naturally persuasive and influential. The rest of us have to work at it--and science shows us how.
Jeff Haden
6 mins
The Science of Persuasion: How to Get People to Agree With What You Say
How does the science of persuasion really work? Here are the secrets of why we believe what we believe from the science of persuasion
Jason Shah
Team Buffer
8 mins
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